FFSG.CA Vancouver Consulting Services Inc, provides you with integrated business solutions designed to meet your individual needs. You can have confidence in our offerings, drawn from 38 years of creating international marketing successes and implementing effective human resource programs
in all industry sectors. You benefit from Senior Management Consultant, Syed Riazuddin Khan’s direction of activity in the firm’s interconnected areas of specialization which include Human Resource Services and Strategic Business Partnerships. An extensive experience base in Sales and Marketing has forged affiliations with Ittihad Capital Corporation in Toronto, Canada and the Swiss based Structogram® Training System. FFSG.CA is the exclusive agent for Ittihad Capital and represents their international repute and reach across British Columbia.
FFSG.CA meets growing market demand by investors in concert with its foremost partner, Ittihad Capital Corporation. Practicing the Islamic Code of behaviour and ethics,
FFSG.CA is committed to marketing and delivering on its partner’s principles of Trust, Integrity and Value as it works closely with the wholly owned subsidiary of Ittihad Securities Inc.
Working with Service Canada (the HRSDC, Human Resource Service Department of Canada), FFSG.CA assists employers by sourcing professional and skilled industrial labour in many
occupational categories. Maintaining its quality approach and leveraging its understanding of the global market place, FFSG.CA can create ...